Monday, February 6, 2012

John 8:31

Monday 2/6/12

John 8:31 Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.

     Prior to this verse, Jesus was explaining who He was and where He had come from. Many of the people believed in Him. Now, Jesus is telling those people who believed Him how to become his disciple. He didn’t tell them they had to do miracles, go to seminary for a year or two, fast for a week, sin no more than twice a day, or any of that stuff. All He told them is that if they abide in His Word, they are His disciples. It’s just like Jesus to make it so simple! The word “abiding” gives the idea of residing or staying in. Many Christians, however, barely read the Bible. They open it at church and maybe once or twice throughout the week, but they don’t abide in it.
     In Hebrews 4:12 it says “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” The Bible is the very words of God. He wants to communicate with us, love us, guide us, comfort us, and help us. He wants to speak to us. Jesus also said that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of His mouth. So God’s Word is not just necessary for being Jesus’ disciple. Spending time speaking and listening to God is the very essentials of the Christian life.

     I will make sure that I start my day off in God’s Word speaking with Him and listening to His voice.

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