Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Mountain, a Field, and a Chessboard with Friends

Weeks Review 1/15 - 1/28
     So a couple weeks ago, the eight of us interns were joined by Eloy and his wife Rondah who are going to be with us during our three months here at the ranch and then are going to leave and help in the mission field in Kenya. Their two youngest children came with them – Erica who’s 17 and Joey who’s 13. The unity that God has created among the eight of us interns has definitely spread to include them into the group. They’re really a great family – except for Joey when he beats me at chess (but I let him win – haha just kidding).
     The weather here can be described in one word – snowy. I have a hunch that whoever wrote the song “Let it Snow” probably didn’t live in Montana! The snow has been fairly consistent these past couple of weeks, and at least half of our mornings have been spent shoveling snow before breakfast. Don’t get me wrong – it’s beautiful when it’s coming down, but as soon as it hits the ground, it’s just not as appealing to look at when you know you’ll be the one who has to shovel it.
     I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, though. It’s not just all work and study here. There’s a mountain named Dog Mountain near the ranch which we can easily see from the dining room as we eat our meals. It’s beautiful, and one Friday afternoon a group of us hiked up to the top of it and could see the ranch, the lake, and all of the beautiful creation God made. We brought some guns, and at the top of the mountain, we interns got to shoot them. I got to shoot a 44mag; my aim wasn’t too good, but since that was my first time using a firearm, I didn’t really expect much from myself.
     So yeah, that’s about all that’s been going on these past couple of weeks – oh wait, I lied. There was one more little thing that happened a few days ago – we got our field assignments! I mentioned it in a previous blog, but if you didn’t read that one yet, I suggest you do. Usually, the pastoral staff doesn’t assign the interns their placements this early, but since Pastor Mike was about to leave on tour, they gave us our field placements on Thursday afternoon. I can’t wait to go on the field! It’s going to be so great watching how God’s going to work through us interns while we are in a different country.
     Thank you for everyone who is keeping me and the others here in your prayers. It’s so great for us here to know that we have people back home who are praying for us. Please keep it up. God bless.

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